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Oliver Nshom – Certified Public Speaker,


Mr. Mngoh is a transformational speaker, graduate from the Business Leadership School USA, a certified speaker from Kernan Consultancy USA, Trained and certified Human Resource professional (CHRP), Trained and certified Customer Relationship Professional (CCRP), Trained and Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Trained and Certified Speaker and Coach (CSC).

He recently batched the Star Heroes after completing his Executive Master’s Program from MOGi Global Leadership School in Nigeria.


“Subjects which seemed worthy of focus only a few weeks earlier now seem flippant at best, and downright insensitive at worst.

As with almost every other aspect of every other industry since the coronavirus pandemic hit, there has been a huge upheaval in the way that content marketing operates.

Much like other forms of journalism, subjects which seemed worthy of focus only a few weeks earlier now seem flippant at best, and downright insensitive at worst. This means a complete overhaul of long-planned content calendars, and finding a way to adapt articles to this changed reality. It calls for something of a rethink of how we as SEO content creators approach our work.


The real challenge with Isuzu’s brochure design was to craft a design that symbolizes the essence of the brand & depicts the vehicle’s specifications in a clear and concise manner. The company provided Branex with a lot of information regarding their product at hand i.e. Forward & wanted Branex to design a brochure that could be used for marketing in exhibitions, tradeshows, events,


Since Bayswater Financials was entering the social domain for the first time, it was a tricky task for Branex to not only make their social presence noticeable but also help them achieve their goals. We spent tireless days and nights and created a wholesome strategic plan that exceeded our expectations.

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